Tim Symington

I live in Santa Monica, California.
I am a tech entrepreneur and venture capitalist.
I built Clowd, then sold it to Invent Ventures.
I then joined Invent as the Chief Investment Officer.
We built a publicly-traded incubator.
We sold the controlling-stake in Invent to these guys (they are great).
I cofounded Virurl, an adtech company. It sold to Revenue.com.
I took over Revenue.com for a while, and later sold it to EquityAds.
I also cofounded Stockr, an over-hyped social network for investors.
It failed (spectacularly).
I learned some lessons and started Private Stock Market.
Usually I run product, technology, and marketing for these companies.
If you want, you can read more about them.
Sometimes I help companies get started, like this one and this one.
I am also involved in industrial real estate.
I am on Twitter and LinkedIN, but I don't say anything.
Your best bet is to just hit me up here.